Discover Me

SportzTank introduces a unique Genetic profiling program called “Discover Me” in association with My Sports Code company from South Africa.


My Sports Code has been brought together by great minds with the objective of taking more than 30 years’ experience in Brain Dominance Profiling(BDP), to the masses. 

Your BDP is established at conception, and although one can learn to adapt one’s functioning through experience or learnt behavior, the BDP remains constant over a person’s lifetime.

Your BDP is what exists before one adds life experience, job experience, learnt behavior or education to your attributes.

Brain health is the foundation for performance and wellness. It creates the ability to concentrate and regulate; receive, process, and recall information.

Why should athletes know their code? 

1.Your dominant eye creates vision / field bias and blind spots.  

2.Your dominant foot (leg) has a significant effect on your mobility.

3.Your natural hand eye alignment (same side or not)  plays a role in the development of hand eye coordination. 

4.Your brain dominance has an effect on your ability to handle complexity and develop BMT (big match temperament). 

5.Some of you “lose your ability to hear” during competitions.

6.Your dominant ear could be the reason why you do not respond well to an aggressive tone of voice.

7. Your dominant hand could be the reason why some of you are so “hard on yourself.”

We conduct this program for 

1. Individual Players

2. Academies/ Teams

3. Coaches and Mentors

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